Empower to

Unlocking the Innovative Potential of All Students through Advanced Tech Literacy


Dive into the future of technology by mastering generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney to supercharge your productivity.


Transform your ideas into reality with no-code tools like Bubble.io and Buzzy, and build apps and websites without a tech background.


Embrace the potential of blockchain technology and explore the transformative shift towards a decentralized internet.

Enrichment Courses

Summer Programs

In our groundbreaking 2023 summer program, we empowered students to leverage advanced tech tools such as ChatGPT, Airtable, Bubble, and Buzzy AI to transition from ideation to creating functional apps, with no prior experience in coding or tech.

Professional Development

Instructor Training

In our inaugural instructor training pilot, we took some of the most gifted educators with little prior exposure to advanced tech tools and amplified their capabilities. We empowered them to not only guide their students in the effective use of these tools but also leverage them to enrich their own programs and teaching methodologies.

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Techedify is working to democratize tech education, leveraging advanced tech tools to bridge the digital skills gap, inspire innovation, and foster potential in every student. #TechForAll


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